The Tyrrell-Washington Partnership for Children, Inc. is a non-profit organization led by local volunteers, designed to provide programs and services for families and children in Tyrrell and Washington County, North Carolina.

Mission: The Tyrrell-Washington Partnership for Children, Inc. seeks to provide opportunities for children to have an improved quality of life by advocating the needs of all children among parents, state and local leaders, and others interested in the well being of children.

The Tyrrell-Washington Partnership for Chidlren...

left.h1.jpg (652 bytes) administers Smart Start funds from the state legislature to support programs to benefit children age 0-5 and their families.

left.h1.jpg (652 bytes) is a catalyst for bringing different groups together for the sake of the children.

left.h1.jpg (652 bytes) educates the community on the critical needs of young children and helps develop solutions.

Smart Start is the Winner of the Ford Foundation's
Innovations in American Government Award!
Innovations in American Government



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  Have a Special Needs Child? The Family Support Network offers Parent Support Meetings and other Services. 

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Tyrrell-Washington Partnership for Children

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